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Newcolour is a performance decorative colourant system specifically designed for application to Sisal hemp wall covering. The look is solid, formidable and architectural. Newcolour is designed to extend the life of existing installations and can be re-colourized in the future when the color decor changes.
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The available standard colors are designed to match existing sisal colors. Custom colors are also available. Less expensive than replacement, the product is durable, cleanable and spot repairable.
LDS Specifications
Product Data

Carpet & Multi- Colour Sisal Combinations
LDS Design Department
Lees 405 Bountiful / NC 333 Saphire
Mannington Ocean / NC 333 Saphire
Mannington Grove / NC 331 Emerald
Lees 417 Meadow / NC 335 Topaz
Lees 235 Majestic / NC 332 Garnet
Mannington Medalion / NC 332 Garnet
Manninton Seasons / NC 332 Garnet
Lees 407 Columbine / NC 332 Garnet
Home Multi-Colour Solid-Colour Installers Projects Contact Us
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